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The Non-Surgical Treatment of “Double Chin” is Taking Over

Most people, men and women alike, have that one thing that drives them crazy about their personal look. For men, it could be a receding hairline. For women, it may very well be the presence of a double chin. There are surgical options and non-surgical options. The latter is rarer. But, due to new technologies and innovations, there are options out there. Below is a brief guide to what is out there.

A Look at the Surgical

Neck-lifts pinch and tighten the skin to remove the double chin. Unfortunately, there are a few concerns. For one, this is a surgical procedure. Insurance providers will not often want to pay for a surgical procedure that has a purely cosmetic basis for happening. Secondly, it is often considered temporary. This is hardly the thing a woman wants to hear for a surgical procedure. This is not to say that neck-lifts are ineffective or bad. It is simply that for a surgical process, many women want more than a temporary patch.

Liposuction is the actual removal of fat that has built up in the chin. Fpor a variety of reasons that go beyond the scope of this article, liposuction is sometimes frowned upon. Firstly, it is expensive. Many insurance providers have dropped it in their coverage. Secondly, it doesn’t always last. It is often seen as a complicated procedure used for patients who are facing health issues. In other words, a double chin is purely cosmetic. For that, women may find a little resistance for liposuction in the recommendation and the straight cost.

Kybella and Non-Surgery

Kybella is a relatively new procedure that fixes the one main problem for treating a double chin. Readers can visit to find more on tackling the many annoyances of aging and to learn more about self-care. Kybella is attractive because it is not a surgical procedure at all. An injection is placed into the chin that is filled with a fat-destroying medication. Multiple injections can be made, but it isn’t always vital. The woman receives the injections and moves on. The diminishing fat will appear purely natural and sincere. No one needs to know it is an injection at all.